I was born on the sunny day of 29 June 1973 in a town called Vlaardingen in the Netherlands. I had a happy childhood, until I was forced to go to kindergarden. Luckily I got used to the idea that my parents wanted to get rid of me and soon I made the teachers work for their money.
When I was five years old my parents threw me in the water hoping to have seen the last of me, but unfortunately for them I learned how to swim rapidly. When I got my second swimming diploma, my parents realized that I wouldn't drown easily so they made me to play football, hoping that I would break a leg or better. During my childhood I had quite some success. I've been champion six times including a season when we stayed unbeaten.
After two years in kindergarden the teachers finally got fed up with me, so they kicked me to primary school (the Van Kampen school in Vlaardingen). I was eager to make my stay here a success but unfortunately it didn't work out. None of the teachers wanted me to stay any longer then absolutely necessary. Heavily depressed I went to the secondary school (the Groen van Prinsterer Lyceum in Vlaardingen). Years went by and suddenly I realised that I'd found a place where they liked me very much. They even kept me there two years longer than most others. Encouraged by all this I went into the real world 1993, to study Computer Science at the Utrecht University. At last I was able to make a lot more people enjoy the pleasures of having me around for a long time.
It didn't take long before I moved to the city of Utrecht. It didn't take long until I got used to living on my own, but I must admit that it helped to have fourteen roomates to harass whenever I wanted to. After studying for less then a year I decided it was time to broaden my horizon, so I became an active member of my studyassociation A-Eskwadraat. Throughout the next years I spend a lot of time organizing several A-Eskwadraat events, and even became a member of the board for year.
In Utrecht I continued to play football for three years until I decided that I needed a new challenge, so began playing volleyball with Protos. This resulted in becoming unbeaten champion in my second year there. Meanwhile a few friends and I took up climbing, which has been great fun ever since.
At the moment I've been a student for more than seven years, but graduation won't take long any more. I don't know what will come next, but I'm looking forward to it.